Do All-Girls Schools Breed Feminists or Mean Girls?

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A new study has found that girls at same-sex schools feel greater pressure to adhere to gender norms — and were bullied if they didn’t — than those at mixed-gender schools. Perhaps even more surprising, the same researchers say that girls at same-sex schools evaluated their self-worth based more on social confidence than cognitive confidence — while girls at mixed-gender schools weighed academics more heavily than social prowess.

These results contradict a lot of the conventional wisdom that compels some parents to seek out an environment without boys — namely, less romantic drama, greater social acceptance and increased academic confidence. So which is it: Are girls more likely to empower one another or to make Burn Book–worthy comments about those who don’t fit in like in Mean Girls? To find out, we asked the experts.

Some feminists would argue that in the middle-school years (the girls in this study…

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First Semester of Judo – 6 throws for beginners


Have you ever wondered what throws you would learn in your first semester of judo?

The beginner class has been learning a new throw every week, so here are six throws they’ve learned so far.

Which one is your favourite? Post in the comments below!

Here’s a demonstration of Uki Goshi (Floating Hip):

Here’s O Goshi (Major Hip) demonstrated:

O Soto Otoshi (Major Outer Drop):

De Ashi Barai (Advanced Footsweep)

Ko Uchi Gari (Minor Inner Reap)

and Ko Soto Gari (Minor Outer Reap):

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Ms. Simotas
English 92/93
How Technology Is Making Our Lives Better
Surviving online technology is an ongoing challenge as new online technology arises. As a result, there have been many online upgrades in online softwares, to manage new technology to provide for its purpose. Technology, has brought many people around the globe together as a unit of online communities. There has been some confusion concerning the upgrades in this new technology, and why it has caused many online patrons to question its online authority. Numerous debates have come into view on the subject of not only how technology is making our lives better but as well the damages of being online that has affected many online patrons. Other debates on how the death of privacy is a double standard, one debate that was truly remarkable in explaining how precise his interactions were within his mobile phones data information as he utilizes his phone, for his own personal use. Malte Spitz in a debate he’d given, Spitz explains how he requests his mobile phones. Transactions and how valuable your nmbile phone is and how his mobile phone changed his life. Data retention directive all over Europe, records all your information through your internet service provider, and on how the people of Europe didn’t want this data retention directive in Berlin. Malte Spitz, watching,
The awareness of Internet protocols around the world ignite internet patrons as they bring about the defamations of their internet society, with countries like China as an authoritarian country and with Egypt utilizing it’s government power, by shutting down their internet in their country, disconnecting from the rest of the world, by way of government controls over fiber optic links going in and out of the country, both China and Egypt, are biased, in letting their people be liberal. Subsequently, technology has proven to be beneficial to society, in educational, and world communications have evolved into a internet revolution, although in some cases there are firewalls, which block access, and others have complete access to an individuals private information, which have caused, internet patrons to speculate, and protest on matters concerning the privileges individuals have for online purposes. However, managing your settings on your PC’s, mobile phones, and laptops as well, to utilize your privacy settings to the ultimate in privacy so defining your online protection. Many surveys have been taken by different websites that host survey’s, and these are impacted by individuals, on issues of privacy. There has been statements and quotes of mishaps of online uses, as students applying for college, only to be denied because of a facebook post, or an employee forgets to sets privacy settings and posts a picture that would be inappropriate to the employer, employer stumbles across the image posts, and the employee gets fired from her job because of the post on Facebook. In the book I KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND SAW WHAT YOU DID, the author Lori Andrews quotes, Mr. Eliot Van Buskirk, a WIRED technology columnist, “We wouldn’t recommend posting anything there that you wouldn’t want marketers, legal authorities, governments (or your mother) to see, especially as Facebook continues to push more and more of user’s information public and even into the hands of other companies, leaving internet users to figure out its Rubik’s Cube-esque privacy controls,” (pg.128) This is a type of discrimination knowing our rights are truly violated in a sense with no freedom of expression or protection from the First Amendment.
It would be appropriate if we keep up with websites updates, and limit our postings, of what we post so that as an online patron, you aren’t judged in a third person, identity misconceived, only to be denied our right to privacy, to where this could happen to you. You may be denied employment , schooling, or even looked upon in a fashion, that is not really you at all. In the book I KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND SAW WHAT YOU DID, the author makes a point in discussing similar situations, that engage on the confusions of the technology we are using today in a statement Lori Andrews comments, “Such privacy invaders are able to track information about how many times the user accesses a page, his browsing history within a site, and any information he types into forms on the site including credit card information and social security numbers.” (pg.128) At Europe vs. United States, in recognizing privacy as a right in our social network constitution can industrialize us with other countries that protect privacy on social networks, as with Europe, laws have been adapted against data aggregation, of the death of privacy. Here in the United States we have no laws against data aggregation, which is the ‘death of privacy’. Meanwhile, in China in the book Consent of the Networked, the author Rebecca MacKinnon states, “China’s censorship system is complex and multilayered, The outer layer is generally known as the “great firewall” of China, through which hundreds of thousands of websites are blocked from view on the Chinese Internet.” (pg35) So here we have China vs. United States, to where Americans want a social network constitution to protect our privacy tights and , to be able to authorize websites like, which lists an individuals information into its database onto its websites for the general public to see. This is data aggregation at its best. Data aggregation produces the database that carries our private information to companies that purchase this information such as home addresses, phone numbers and email addresses all without the consent of the individual in which the private information was purchased. As to China, with Googles experience in China, Google relieved themselves or services to China, Google no longer operates there in China with all the regulations placed on Google by, the Chinese Government. In the book Consent of the Networked, the author Rebecca MacKinnon speaks on the Chinese owned websites, that are similar to Twitter and Facebook, she states “These domestic companies are the stewards and handmaids, the tools, and enforcers, of China’s inner layer of Internet censorship.” (pg.36) In issues of technology, concerning our youth and having surveys, amongst adults online, has proven that as society in a technological world, our habits, of communication, towards anything such as school, homework, to simply reading a book, isn’t as normal in this society today as it was even 10 years ago. In an Article, Can You Hear Me Now, written by Sherry Turkle, a Professor of Social Studies of Science and Technology at MIT, she explains, “The culture that grows up around the cell phone is a communications culture, but it is not necessarily a culture of self-reflection –which depends on having emoticon, experiencing it, sometimes electing to share it with another person, thinking about it differently over time.” (pg.2) This is stating about what tethered adolescents are, loosing concentration, due to technology and not being really prepared before the propaganda of devices became more of an asset.
Sole dependence is coming from the technology, of our 21st century devices. This leads to a focus of, researchers, who in the article, Meet the life Hackers, the author Clive Thompson, states “In 1997, Microsoft recruited Czerinski to join Microsoft research labs, a special division to the firm where she and other eggheads would be allowed to conduct basic research into how computers affect human behavior.” (pg3). It’s been pointed out that all things considered, researchers have linked, multitasking and the internet, as they have discovered, employees usually have eight windows open at a time, and before they are interrupted quit frequently without having completed any one particular task. Multitasking was born , concentration levels have dwindled, as instant gratification becomes second nature. The internet although we discussed one side, on the other hand, search engines, have become a priority, you can search for websites, calenders, and apps that have reminders, connect with family, meet new people, and utilize internet for business purposes. More internet patrons are intimate in dealing with their online self because there are many uplifting posts that can make someones day better, you can receive special posts from doctors, and search many companies on their backgrounds, and even sign applications for job employment.
For some people its an easy dating site that is fairly safe where you can meet people just to be online friends. You can social network right from your very own cell phone, having downloaded apps right into your phone. The world has a generation that is fascinated by technology and the new devices that lead us to a broader spectrum of communication. Technology has brought apps like Google Maps and direct messaging electronically not like before when they sent telegrams or even regular postal mail. Email which helps you get your point across faster and free of charge, and also to make it from point A to point B right from the convenience of GPS.
To help you better understand the aspects of children’s behavior, behind technology and the internet you can go to, this discussion, freaks in on physical emotional counter balance gadget communication. Today, as we learn the issues of facing a new way to mentally prepare ourselves of perhaps here in the United States on the benefits of technology. As experts are now beginning to prepare us for a Social Networking Constitution, for living life in a technological society.

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You may not understand something so it is always good to read the terms and conditions before you hit accept because in some cases you never really know what is written in them therefore you might not agree with something or understand it completely and you are always able to research what exactly something means and you will know what to expect.

You may not understand something so it is always good to read the terms and conditions before you hit accept because in some cases you never really know what is written in them therefore you might not agree with something or understand it completely and you are always able to research what exactly something means and you will know what to expect.


Technology today, despite it’s differences for respect to humanity, has led to the death of privacy. We are now concerned with new technology that allows the copying of weblining passwords, usernames, names and addresses, to databases, with this information we are encouraged to double-check our privacy settings, and to change our passwords as often as 3 months at a time. We’re informed to utilize our don’t allow for pop-ups, or for other websites linking your private information to websites you haven’t authorized or even loading unwanted software to your hard drive component, as this has been acknowledged through flash cookies. The best advice would be to protect yourself from tracking tools being place into your 21st century devices, also from your information being used without your consent or acknowledgement.